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  1. Michelle- we have not met but I am an old friend of Brek’s from high school. I am in awe of his journey- and in awe of you as I am sure you wait for postings everyday.., we will all send a safe journey mantra!! Take care, Janet

  2. If you’re in Fort Nelson for Christmas Eve, there is a community dinner at the Rec Center for all to attend! Free to everyone!

  3. Was told about your site by Tom Apperley, one of my best friends since grade 1 in school. So I’m following you, and am very glad to see that you made it to Fort Nelson! God Bless on this incredible adventure! and Merry Christmas!

  4. I have not stopped thinking about your challenge since we met at the gas station in Grande Cache.I have told all my clients about your quest and showed them the picture of you and your bike outside the gas station where I met you.Stay positive and forget what that guy told you as he came out of the store and told you were nuts.You are truly an inspiration.

  5. Hi, as a cyclist who crossed Canada last year with a support vehicle, I have a great appreciation for Brek in his unsupported adventure and especially in the middle of Winter. However, I haven’t received any updates from him or Michelle since Jan.15th. I hope Brek is alright and he will be able to continue with his mission. We, the cycling community are all thinking of him and all our support, best wishes and prayers are with him in his very challenging pursuit.

    • Hi Erkan,

      Thanks for the note. I can appreciate that it seems like Brek has disappeared, but rest assured he is alive and well in Vancouver. Since he returned from Whitehorse at the end of January, he has been working on updating the blog with details on his last leg of the journey and his current and future plans for biking the next leg, to Tuktoyatuk. I suppose the end of the journey, or at least this break in the journey, was a harder update to write about. He does intend on continuing on though….but I’ll let him speak to that. Soon. Very soon.


  6. Caught this trip on “Explore North” blog – fascinating. I love winter backwoods camping, but this is way, way beyond my experiences.

    Wondering where you ended up for Christmas Eve and how you are feeling as you deal with the ‘wonderful’ winter weather, temps, hours of daylight.

    How’s the camping – did you tune up your kit from last year?

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