Growing up as a kid on the Prairies, Brek Boughton often dreamt of adventures in far off places. He would use his imagination to realize these dreams, often venturing out into winter storms to play the role of Arctic Adventurer. It may have driven his parents crazy, but looking back it was the perfect training ground, a place where a kid could run off and explore, play hockey on an outdoor rink or ride his bike in the snow. It gave him the sense of a wide open world full of possibilities.

As he grew up, his love of adventure never left him. Brek traveled around the world, living for many years in Russia, Taiwan and Guatemala. He also obtained degrees in business, economics and international studies. Traveling during this time was also a key part of his education as he came to realize that the the key to understanding the world lay not only in books but even more so, by living in unfamiliar places and experiencing different perspectives and systems .

In 2006 when Brek returned to Canada, his desire to travel was still as strong as ever but now included a passion for cycling and self-propelled travel. His first challenge was a cycle tour from Vancouver to Halifax. He found that the more he biked, the more he wanted to explore new territories. This is when a question struck him: What are the limits to travel on two wheels? It’s a question that forms the basis of his personal mission – to explore the possibilities of self propelled travel. Whether it’s cycling and hiking to the top of a local mountain with his favourite shitzus Reese & Rocco or his next big adventure biking from Buenos Aires Argentina to Santiago Chile.

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