On My Own

The day after I said farewell to my mom at the airport, I once again headed north out of Buenos Aires.  I was expecting to be able to put in some big kilometre days.  I soon disabused myself of that notion when my ambition came face to face with heat and fat tires. At the end of the second day when I was looking for a place to stay, I spotted a sign for a hotel.  The sign showed 5 different room rates from Regular at 125 pesos to Presidential at 350 pesos (10 to 29 USD).  Those looked like good prices so I went further on.  I found out later that it was a drive thru and I was supposed to talk in an intercom.  Eventually I found myself in the laundry building for the hotel.  I thought it odd that a small hotel would have such extensive laundry facilities.  There I found someone and he explained that people did not stay overnight in the hotel but that it was an hourly hotel.  I told him I understood but he insisted on miming what people did in the hotel. I found another hotel that did have rooms you could stay in overnight.  The next morning I woke to a severe thunderstorm and strong winds so I spent the day in the hotel.  But the following morning was cool and cloudy.  I only got 200 meters when I got hit in the leg by a rock from a car.  At first I was not sure if it was thrown or came off the wheel.  But after thinking about it for a while I concluded that it must have come off the wheel based on where it hit my leg. image It also hit the iPod in my pocket and now I can’t turn it on or off.  So I make sure I use it everyday so it does not shut itself off. At this point the service road beside the freeway ended so I was forced to ride on the shoulder of the freeway, which was fine other than…. image That at night I camped at the back of a gas station and had a great view of the sunset from my tent door. image The next day I rode to Rosario and got my first flat of the trip. image The main reason I had decided to go to Rosario was because I had an invitation from a fellow cycle-tourist who I knew from Facebook.  The instant I met him at the gas station where we agreed to meet, I liked him.  Marcelo and his girlfriend Patricia had been running all over town getting ready to become cycle-nomads.  They had sold all their possessions that did not fit in their panniers and were to leave four days after my arrival.  They have no plans to ever return to Rosario and are going to ride all over the Americas. image I accepted their invitation to stay a day and we rode all over town finding last minute items for their trip.


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