Back on the Road

Saturday Dec 3rd I was back on the road to Hinton. I started out from Jasper with a dry highway and renewed vigour after a couple of days off.   Not too long into the ride my knee started to hurt and it started to snow. I pushed on hoping the pain was just a momentary issue, and would work itself out. But, that was not the case. I had to relent and get off the bike.

Ride into Hinton

Riding into Hinton

Rocky, my host in Hinton met me along the route and we went to his place. Here I rested and re-assessed the situation. I had been prepared for all of these challenges…bad weather, icy roads, decapitating polar bears (yes…this was mentioned in a forum). But my knee acting up, my body rebelling against me…well that was something I suppose I put to the bottom of the list.

I decided the best course of action was to give my knee a rest. Erin and Jeff (my sister and her husband) put me up at their place in Jasper. (Or more accurately perhaps, put up with me). Resting admittedly, isn’t something I am good at. I’d prefer to be in motion. At rest I become…well…restless.

Acupuncture treatment for ailing knee

Acupuncture treatment for my ailing knee

Sean FitzGerald at Jasper Physiotherapy generously volunteered his services and worked on my knee. I got the go ahead to get back on my bike at the end of the week, but with the caveat that I needed to put less kilometers on the road. So Friday I headed out. The ride was fast, with the winds furiously blowing across Jasper Lake and pushing me along. In three hours I was in Hinton. My knee, unfortunately aching once again.

Beautiful mountain views from Jasper out to Hinton

Beautiful mountain views from Jasper out to Hinton

Jolene Albrecht of Shan Wellness in Hinton gave me acupuncture and even met me on her day off to give me a second treatment. Once again I decided to look at the bike set up. I had suspected it might be my boots. There is a whole science to setting up yourself properly on a bike and each person’s physiology changes that set up. The wrong shoes, seat height, foot position, can cause a dangerous misalignment. The 420lbs I’m pushing doesn’t help either so I do keep an eye on my cadence, keeping it high. I’m crossing the potential culprits off the list systematically.Today, I am removing the pegs from one side of my right pedal to allow for more foot movement, hopefully taking pressure off the knee. I’ll test this out next, as I venture on toward Grande Cache.


15 thoughts on “Back on the Road

  1. Hey Brek – it’s nice keeping up with your posts on your journey – do take good care of your knee as I know you will – several ounces of healing energy and prevention will hold you in good sted down the road. Seeing the beauty of the mountains around Jasper makes me smile with the comparison from my point of view from the beach near the Sierra Madres – there’s no snow here in Mexico. I think of you daily and wonder how things are progressing. It’s wonderful to hear that you have been well cared for in the places you stop. People are truly awesome. Hola from El Tigre in Neuvo Vallarta. Love Lois

  2. We loved having you stay with us – I’m just glad you’re not claustrophobic =) hehe Glad to hear you made it to Hinton in such good time. I will be sure to send Reiki your way throughout your trip =) Good luck and happy travels =)

    Love Erin, Jeff & Clyde

  3. I hope the knee works itself out! I’ve experienced that same issue after excessive mileage and it took the same systematic approach to find out what was wrong!

    Good luck! Can’t wait to read more as your adventure continues!

  4. Hope the knee holds up for you. It must be very frustrating to have have bio- mechanical issues after all the other prep work that you’ve done. I’ll order up some tailwinds for you.

      • Crap ! Sorry man, the idiot at the wind dept. accidentally shipped the “Level 5 wind package” to St. John’s NFLD. A new package is on route but xmas parcel traffic may cause further delay. I find that swearing and laughing at a headwind tends to confuse it… Well…maybe not. (according to my navigator ” Highwaycat”

  5. Amazing journey shared, be safe & I will definitely watch your progress from Korea. Adding your amazing journey to my list of favorite blogs, definitely amazing+++ Ride strong, get back safe!

  6. could your knee issues be related to a tight IT band. When it tightens, it pulls the knee cap to the outside causing pain. There are some good stretches, but hard to describe in writing. Next physio visit, ask them to show you. It did the trick for me. Good luck.

  7. I think all the weight your carrying has alot to do with your knee, 400+lbs climbing hills on gravel road with head winds is alot of stress on your lower body. I have a a Big Dummy and I would think twice of taking that bike long distance. I have a hard time loading that bike onto my car, it is so heavy. I think you probably should consider unloading at least 50lbs of equipment and supplies or just shorten your riding days to allow your knee to rest. I hope you do well. DON’T EVER EVER GIVE UP!
    You will hate yourself the next morning.

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