Getting close

The Surly Big Dummy is complete. Chris has tested it out and made the final adjustments. Seth finished building and stressing the wheels on Saturday.  The last item to be hooked up was the light kindly donated by Trelock which is powered by the dynamo hub. We tested it out last night and it’s as bright as a car headlight. The power generated
from the hub can be used to charge other electronic gear as well. I won’t have much of that but I am investigating a way to charge the Lithium batteries for the SPOT satellite device.

Last touches

Brek checking out the Surly Big Dummy

In the meantime, the piles of clothes and equipment are building up on the living room floor. This week I will be a figuring out how to compress the large volume into a manageable size. Good thing that the down coats and bags are great for that. The big boots and solid equipment on the other hand will be more of a challenge.

On Friday Cap’s Bicycle shop in Sapperton is hosting a celebration for my trip complete with refreshments, entertainment and in-store specials. Ten percent of the day’s sales will go toward the Bikes for Africa project. You are invited to bring in used bikes (adult mountain bikes preferred) and Big Steel Box has loaned us a container to store the bikes until we send them.

Brek with the bikes for Africa

Brek with the bikes for Africa

And finally…after months of planning and thinking about this trip…I will be setting out on this adventure. On Saturday all cyclists are invited to join me on the first leg of the trip from New Westminster to Abbotsford (approximately 55km). We will be leaving from Cap’s in New Westminster at 2pm. Don’t worry, with 100lbs of equipment and 2 dogs in tow, we will be going at a nice, manageable pace!


2 thoughts on “Getting close

  1. Thinking of you on the first day as I had trouble finding the motivation to get out of bed. Looking forward to hearing about the trip as you proceed. Keep those pedals turning!

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