The number one question raised when I tell people about my intention to bike from Vancouver to the Arctic Ocean is whether I’ve lost my mind. Other questions usually follow such as: “You do know it’s cold right?” “You do know that it’s going to be miserable and lonely too?” And my favourite “what about marauding wolves and trucks careening down the ice roads?” I’ve heard it all and I am of course aware of it all.

I’ve read the stories and tales of others who’d done trips in Northern regions such as Russia and Norway. It does sound daunting. There will be challenges. There will be miserable stretches. Not many people would want to do it. Not many people have done it. And frankly that’s what is so appealing. It is hard to explain why anyone would want to embark on any adventure that involves risks and challenges, but what I can say is that I have no desire to live a life that does not involve challenging myself and pursuing my life’s desire. I have no desire to say “I wish I had….”.

As for the worries expressed… One only needs to Google the statistics on daily activities to see the facts. Wolf attacks in North America are rare. Whereas, the number of people killed in car accidents every year is staggering. It would seem you are taking a chance every time you hop into your vehicle. So riding my bike to the North (or anywhere) is not really a matter of taking chances. It’s a matter of taking a more challenging road and hopefully living a bit more. It’s about pushing the boundaries of the possible.


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  1. As I read your “mission” and your “superlatives”, many questions come to mind (and there may be more) as I ponder the feat that you are undertaking:
    What type of a winter cycle and equipment are you taking?
    How will you keep warm, on and off the cycle?
    Since most of your travel will be in the dark, what kind of lighting will you need?
    Do you plan to contact service clubs, businesses and other support in advance and along the way, for your African bike mission?
    How many kilometers do you hope to cycle each day and how many hours may that involve?

    May your dreams be fulfilled!

  2. Good for you Brek. As a touring cyclist myself, I can understand and appreciate your motivation for doing your trip. People asked me why I’d want to cycle from Cairo to Capetown or any of the other annual self supported cycling tours I do through Asia. I always say…the only regrets you have in life are the risks you were afraid to take. I just don’t want to see my life end with regrets.

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